Tuesday, 19 June 2018

natural antioxidant

A deliciously cold, energetic, easy, it helps weight loss and has
nutritional Values, what's more: Ready in under ten minutes. What is it?


is one of my favourite ways to start the day. To make  smoothie I add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth.

Two of my favourite:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Chia Mango Smoothie

Chia Mango Smoothie

 1 cup frozen mango
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1/2 cup ice
1 cup coconut milk

 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Green Tea, Blueberry, and Banana

Green Tea, Blueberry and Banana

3 Tablespoon water
1 green tea bag
2 tablespoon honey
1,5cups frozen blueberries
0,5 medium banana

and what kind of smoothies or deserts do you like? 

Friday, 15 June 2018

After Exams

The exams coming soon, but what to do after this tough time?
 Here you are.
 First of all. Don't think about how your exam went or what the result will be. It's done now and you can't change it so put it to the back of your mind.


you have to put  your books and notes  deeply to a drawer.  Don't  think about those right now but take a good break from the studies ( you can eventually burn them;)).
Zone out. With modern technology it seems we never have time to give our brain a short break. That's why we can find a quiet place, sit down, close our eyes and just listen to the background noises and let the sun shine over our bodies while we clear mind.
Read. For pleasure.  Not for learning. You can choose books or comics, whether interest you so that you can enjoy yourself. Reading impact our lifes by increasing empathy, by improving relationships with others and wellbeing or even by reducing in the symptoms of depression.
Go to parties. Thanks to that you will require having energy again.By learning how to relax we   will know a few fun party games, what will increase a chances of having fun!


We all know some stereotypes. I hold nothing against clichés and some of my best friends are in fact clichés. So when it comes to French people:

  • They all  wear berets. Well, today we see people wearing hoodies and baseball caps, but not berets, red scarf and the baguette in a hand.

  • They all live in Paris or on the French Riviera or no matter where they live they have all the view of the Eiffel Tower. They eat frogs, stinky cheeses, croissants, fois gras and they drink only champagne and the wine. Nothing more.
  • French people are rude.This is one of the main stereotypes about the French, and probably the most unfair. They are generally considered to be warm and friendly – and in my experience, they are.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania french cliche
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania british people cliche

In case of British people:

  • They all live in London or the Countryside – it’s easy to see why people belive this if you look at  postcard from Britain can you see Big Ben or some castles. Inn fact, people mostly live in crowded and small cities.
  • They use red buses and they all love when the weather is grey cold and wet, they are considered to have never seen the sunshine :D
  • Their favourite English man is obviously David Beckham and the women, naturally – is queen. They obsees  over the royals, they love them. Many foreigners they meet  ask if you’ve ever met the Queen.
  • They all drink a tea with milk every day, like it was a religious act:)

Monday, 21 May 2018

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania game of thrones

I just can’t wait the next season of Game Of Thrones. Many people watch it because  is obsessed about it.  So do I.
The characters in Game of Thrones are so complex and well-designed. What I like the most is that many Game of Thrones aspects are based on historical events, such as the War of the Roses or the position of certain rulers.
Every character has an intricate personality with different aspects, no matter if they have a major role or not. There is not someone who is purely good or purely evil.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania game of thronesZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania game of thronesZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania the game of thronesZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania the game of thrones

Everyone is a shade of grey( maybe Except probably for Ned/Robb/Jon). Everyone has a dark past or a dirty secret. And this is the exact manifestation of the real world.
And those views. The stunning castles, the marching armies, green rolling fields, mysterious caves, beautiful rivers The scenes of wars or individual battles, are beautifully portrayed.
They are all magical!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Bee calm&Hive on

Early spring is the best time for bees and beekepers. Why do we need them? 
Why are bees disappearing ? Here some facts.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania why bees are disappearing

Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet. 
There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world. Our lives  and the world would be a much different place if bees didn’t exist.  For exemple they are responsible for 400 diffrents types of plants.
So why they disappearing? 

Chemicals and Pesticides.
We use many more pesticides in farming then we used to, and honeybees ingest these chemicals as they make their rounds from plant to plant.

Some research has shown that there are many pathogens affecting bees that scientists previously knew nothing about, so this is an area of continuing research. There is also a theory that global warming which kills them.

Btw. A lot of people think honey is a sugar.  While honey does contain sugar, it is not like refined sugar. Honey contains protein, water, fiber, sugar,  mnerals like iron, sodium, and calcium. You can find there also a vitamins such as folate, riboflavin, vitamin C and B6.  Honey is believed to mobilize stored fat. ;)


A honeybee can fly approximately 15 miles per hour.

Honeybees are the only insect that produce food for humans.

Honey is the ONLY food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water.

A typical beehive makes more than 400 pounds of honey per year

A single honeybee will only produce approximately 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

today I want to tell you something about idioms. 

An idiom is a phrase but it is different from other phrases in that you can't understand it's meaning from the words it is made from.
English idioms are a group of words which have a meaning which isn’t obvious from looking at the individual words. To understand English, you have to be familiar with idioms. They have developed over time and so they might seem random to you. They’re used so often in everyday English, if you don’t know them, it’s almost impossible to understand the context.

Here are some English idioms and phrases that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker. For example:

Literally, hit the books means to physically hit, punch or slap your reading books. But It simply means “to study,” and is a way of telling your friends that you’re going to study.
And some others:

WHEN PIGS FLY – something that will never happen
SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT: either start performing better or leave
ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: when something rarely ever happens
SHOOT FROM THE HIP: to speak directly
BE TICKLED PINK: to be excited and happy
SPEAK OF THE DEVIL –  the person you’re just talking about actually turns up at that moment.
NO-BRAINER: an easy decision

I hope you are TICKLED PINK to have learnt these idioms. Have you heard about some others?

Sunday, 4 March 2018


You have probably bad memories during school Phisical Education lessons, which were often exhausting and seemed  ridiculous to you. BUT: Do you know how sport participation affects our mental health?  Here is now.

  - mood and concentration: Sport stimulates production of endorphins so it can help you     avoid negative thoughts. You feel more relaxed and optimistic after a hard workout. 

  - social benefits: sports teach you to interact with people, communicate with them and        collaborate as a team. Sports foster collective thinking. It learns  how to function as part of    a team.The team mindset leads to strong leadership qualities.
  - sleep habits: It helps you fall asleep faster and deepening your sleep. What is more,   sleeping better will improve your mental outlook the next day. Remember to not engage in   sports too late in the day. Evening practices may leave you too energized to sleep.

 - self-confidence:  playing sports is a safe place to make mistakes. They are a natural   occurrence in the game. Thanks to it you improve ability to remain composed, confident,   and consistent in the face of errors. You learn through failure.

aaaand your brain work better ;) :

Some fitness activities may be easy to start while you are a kid, but harder to maintain as an adult. So here you are, some fitness activities :

- take the stairs instead of elevator

- park a car away from your home or office but
  remember that you will have to find it later ;)

- walk while talking on the phone

- turn on your favorite tunes and dance 

Inspired by the last photo I am going to clean ;) and you, what sports do you play/like?